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Web Design and DevelopmentWeb Design and Development
Your website is the front window to your business and although you might know what your business is all about, the customer might not. That is why it’s so important to capture the customer in the first couple seconds with the right web design. Right off the bat you want to answer a few simple questions… who you are, what you do, and what should the customer do next.

A well-designed site should make your business stand out, but it should also be easy to use. Properly developed and designed, a site should present the information in a user friendly, digestible manner. The information has to be thoughtfully laid out and provide a clear path to what the user is trying to locate. It is important to prompt your clients to interact with your site. Information is great, but to keep your users’ attention you must reinforce it with call to action. These call-to-actions should be the most relevant and essential information about your business. It should prompt the user to find out more information about the product or service that you are trying to promote.

Overwhelming the users’ senses is a bad practice. Trying to fit as much information as possible on a single page will only frustrate the user and might drive them to a competitor’s site. Its all about picking and choosing the appropriate content and laying it out in a friendly, easy to use manner that makes all the difference between a good and a bad website.


  • Number 1Typically it all starts with a phone call. This is the time that you, my valued customer will determine whether I am a good fit for you. Its important that i am able to communicate and work well together, afterall there will be a lot to discuss.
  • Number 2An in person, follow up meeting will allow you to delve into the process a little deeper and address any questions that you might have. This meeting will take approximately 45min to 1hr.
  • Number 3After the meeting the proposal will be drafted. It will pinpoint the deliverables, expectations, and costs that you expect at the completion of the project.
  • Number 4Once both parties have signed the proposal, the sketching begins. You will be provided with a detailed sketch of what your site will look like when it’s live.
  • Number 5Upon the approval of sketches, I will then proceed to code your site. Once I have all the content (copy, photos, etc.) you can sit back and let me take it from there.
  • Number 6At the conclusion of our business, you will have a fully functioning, live site working for you 24 hours a day.

Logo DesignLogo Design
A logo is one of the most important elements of your business and essentially defines the tone for the rest of the brand. Variables such as color, font family, and font size can make or break a logo. Essentially, a logo defines your brand and should convey a capable and professional tone.

Your logo becomes an identifier for your company and what customers will envision when they reference your business. I am here to help you make sure that your logo is professional and reflects your business in the best possible light. Maybe some of you have thought about redoing your logo, but were not sure where to start. It is always harder to design the logo for yourself, so let me do it for you. I also welcome any ideas that you might have and take your advice very seriously when implementing the design for the logo. You know your business best and I take all of your suggestions seriously. When completed you will receive two images of your copy (black & white) with the specs for the colors and the fonts that were used in the creation of your logo.

Once a logo is established, it is important to make sure that your branding is unified. You want to relay the same message throughout all of your print material. Print items such as business cards, envelopes, and letterheads must maintain the same aesthetic presence and should be viewed as an extension of your brand.

When a client receives an envelope from you, they want to know before hand who the mail is coming from. Sure, it will have your name on the front, but the right memorable imagery will reinforce your brand. Your stationary will provide a professional appearance for your business.


  • Number 1Business Card
  • Number 2Envelope
  • Number 3Letterhead
  • Number 4Digital files ready to go for the printer.

Logo DesignPrint Design
Mailers, brochures, t-shirts, and pamphlets are a good way to publicize important points or services of your business, and keep you in the forefront of the clients’ minds. They can serve as follow-ups for your clients and need to be presented in a professional and unified manner.

Print materials can be very taxing when you don’t have the right equipment. Often it is hard to envision the end product and it becomes too much for a business owner. Trust me to design your print products, whether it is mailers, posters, or t-shirts; I have what it takes. Design and typography is my passion, be assured I will always do my best for you.

StationaryContent Management System (CMS)
Often, after a site has been completed, it sits on the server collecting dust. An inactive site is a dead site and is rendered useless once you stop updating the content. You can spend hundreds and thousands of dollars paying a web developer to do the updates for you or you can take matters into your own hands and make the updates yourself.

If you have a do it yourself attitude, then you will love the CMS system. I will take your site and integrate it with the latest technology to allow you to take control of your site. I will provide a tutorial and videos to help you get the most out of your experience with the CMS system.

Yes the CMS system is a monthly subscription, but right out of the box you get:

  • Number 1Comprehensive Content-Management
  • Number 2Email Campaigns
  • Number 3Customer Database and CRM
  • Number 4Reporting & Analytics
  • Number 5And Much More